More information about TeeCards

 TeeCards Features Lite Standard Plus
 Maximum Number of Panels 50 54 54/100
 Maximum Number of Slots per Panel (5000 cards visible max) 100 100 100/40
 Maximum Number of Cards in each supporting database 1.5m 1.5m >1.5m
 Unlimited Number of Boards Yes Yes Yes
 Drag and Drop T-Cards Yes Yes Yes
 Drag and Drop Multiple Cards - - Yes
 Insert Delete Move Panels and change heading colour with Plus - Yes Yes
 Scroll whilst Drag and Drop - Yes Yes
 Zoom - Yes Yes
 Customisable Field names Yes Yes Yes
 Choice of T-Card Colour Yes Yes Yes
 Choice of T-Card/Panel Width Yes Yes Yes
 Replicate facility Yes Yes Yes
 Find And Replace Yes Yes Yes
 Report Builder Yes Yes Yes
 Quick launch from Tee Base Yes Yes Yes
 Period Views, Week, Month Quarter and Year Yes Yes Yes
 Date Views, Prior and Future more with Plus Yes Yes Yes
 Card Count Yes Yes Yes
 Sticky Mode Yes Yes Yes
 Timebanded Mode - Yes Yes
 Stacked Mode - Yes Yes
 Stack Individual Panels - Yes Yes
 Customisable Sort Order - Yes Yes
 Fast Card Create - Yes Yes
 Combo Box Drop Downs on Fields 2 max 18 max 18 max
 CSV Output to Spreadsheet - Yes Yes
 Multi User System - Yes Yes
 Auto Refresh - Yes Yes
 Up to 5 Headings on Closed Card - Yes Yes
 Deduce Date - Yes Yes
 Ignore Panel 1 (up to 10 panels ignore with Plus) - Yes Yes
 Auto Populate Panel Heading with Date - Yes Yes
 Use as a 53 Week Year Planner - Yes Yes
 Choose Week Start Day in Year View (Sat, Sun, Mon) - Yes Yes
 Show Queue Time - Yes Yes
 Reminders - Simple Yes
 Time Blocking (card occupies all time slots used) - Yes Yes
 Show week vertically - Yes Yes
 Link to Postcode Anywhere (Optional) - Yes Yes
 Use for Stock Control (compares on hand qty to reorder qty) - - Yes
 Warnings - Flag or Flash - - Yes
 Hide Lapsed T-Cards - - Yes
 Filter T-Cards by Criteria - - Yes
 Variable Settings for Warnings - - Yes
 Choice of Stop Warnings Methods - - Yes
 Capture Values on Reverse of Card - - Yes
 Legend - - Yes
 Audit Trail - - Yes
 Field level control - - Yes
 Multi level users - - Yes
 Show board 2 up giving 100 panels max - - Yes
 Traffic Light 'capacity' - - Yes
 Repeater Cards - - Yes
 Scrolling Date View (Cards move in right to left) - - Yes
 Make Cards Flash - - Yes
 Pictures on Cards  - for use as Incident Board - Events Board - - Yes
 PreSelect option can offer/lock users in to a specific selection - - Yes
 Do Me option abbreviates the file location for Launching - - Yes
 Database Access Access Access/SQL
 Annual License Fee - Yes Yes
 If there is a feature that you require then please ask, we can and do modify software to suit specific requirements.
 Last updated January 2015