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TeeCards Electronic T-Card System


  TeeCards Standard*  
TeeCard Licence UK Price US Dollars Euros
Single Licence £295 $495 €420
5 User Licences £695
£139 per seat
$259 per seat
€198.00 per seat
10 User Licences £995
£99.50 per seat
$185 per seat
€142.00 per seat
20 User Licences £1,750
£87.50 per seat
$166.25 per seat
€120.00 per seat
50 User Licences £3,995
£79.90 per seat
$150.00 per seat
€114.00 per seat
Larger Licences by Negotiation      

TeeCards Plus*

TeeCard Licence

UK Price

US Dollars


Premium over
Standard TeeCards
30% 30% 30%

*A small charge is made each year for licensing which encompasses support on Standard and Plus Systems, e.g. 5 user Licence £150 total. Details


Over 3 years a  5 user TeeCards Plus package equates to just 28p per user per day!


TeeCards Lite

TeeCard Licence

UK Price

US Dollars


Single Licence £95 $195 €130

No annual Licence charges on TeeCards Lite


All prices are plus Vat at the prevailing rate where applicable.


A price list will be emailed to interested parties


Funding arrangements available please ask


Purchasers include:
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Alden Press
Allams Servicing
Alexander Dennis
AkzoNobel (Aus)
Amethyst Logistics
Borough of Telford and Wrekin
Brissco Signs
R G Carter Construction
City Engineering Bristol
Christ Kennicott
Cody Police (Wyoming)
Connect Group
David Prentice BMW
Everest Conservatories

GAJ Bristol

Greens Land Rover
Heritage Windows
Hiilingdon Flooring
Intercity Delivery
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Robert Stern BMW
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San Ramon Fire Dept
Select Blinds
Spadeoak Construction
St Josephs Hospital (Seattle)
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Terberg DTS
The Sloane Group/Eden Group
Thrislington Gulf
Trembath Natural Stone
UK Mortgages Direct
US Dept of Land Management
Washington State Dept of Ecology
Westland Helicopters


"TeeCards is one of the best products I have invested in" Paul Roberts EZTouch
"Things are working really well here.  I now have 5 different boards running successfully across various areas of DALSA with 26 licenses in use thus far.  We are using it for production tracking, data collection, inventory control and scheduling.

I have two more T-Card boards which will be needed soon as well.  Our widespread use clearly shows how useful we are finding the T-Card software and how easily it is adopted to new areas. Thanks again, Sincerely," Bob Caron - DALSA
"It provides a great deal more visibility for the sales department, and has improved communications no end. Customers are given delivery information from the T-Cards Software system, that they can depend on. Even if there are going to be delays, they appreciate reliable feedback. It provides a focus on production, giving a single point for information, which tells everyone whether overtime is needed, or if there are problems in meeting targets. The goodwill this achieves is worth as much as money. It helps protect us against losing customers, and every little helps." Neville Surman - Seetru
"Beforehand, we had to call production to tell clients when a job was going to be finished. Now it is all on-screen, allowing us to provide a better customer service. Information is power, and we have such efficiency that our internal communications between sales and production have halved. TeeCards has paid for itself in three months." Paul Cartwright - SSAB
"I’ve just tried this all on a copy of our database, input and extract files and it works like a charm! Top man, thanks for your time!" Michael Gorman - Eden Group
"We did use TeeCards to manage this project as planned though it is difficult to quantify the contribution TeeCards made. Having said that, it is generally accepted and acknowledged that the project was a great success; we completed our work on cost and on time which, in our industry, is rare!" While quantification is difficult we estimate that over a 25 week period that TeeCards saved us £50,000! Keith Miller Airbus A380 Project.

"Just a note to thank you for providing TeeCards Lite.   It's fabulous !! ..not complicated, easy to use and not expensive.  We've used it for the full 21 day trial and I have to say we feel we couldn't operate without it now.
Changing it to suit our industry couldn't have been easier.  We'd set up in under half an hour!
Thank you for responding to our call for a scaled down version it is superb."
Phil Hannah, Managing Director, Hannah Consultancy Ltd


"Having used it for the 21 day trial period, we could not live without it. My staff would kill me if I tried to take it away from them!" Adrian Appleyard, Harte Industries.


"I have done my initial investigations and am going to recommend buying the 5 user license for the standard version. It works a treat for the plating shop". Keith Swinford Saint Gobain Abrasives Ltd. 


"One of my businesses is involved in systems consultancy and the TeeCard system is excellent. I am currently advising a major distribution company and will certainly be including this in my synopsis as a "must have" !" Nigel Lindfield.

“It’s an absolutely superb tool – and even a chimp could use it. I can see all I have to do at a glance:  everything is there pictorially, with different colours for different customers, and I know the work that is coming in."
“It gives a picture of your working day:  I never forget court dates, or anything now." David Church-Taylor

"For information, our manufacturing team have now been using the software for a number of months and I am pleased to say, everyone who has come in contact with it has found it to be a welcome addition to our scheduling process, and I am now starting to see improvements in the one thing that used to let us down badly…….”communication”……..which has been a very encouraging improvement.
Other departments in the office are also now seeing the advantage of using this system, so we may well see another increase in licences
” Tony Bosley - itron


The number of Licences required is interpreted as being the potential maximum number of people that will be using TeeCards software in any one day.
Cheques to be made payable to ITeration Ltd, 14 Rooks Meadow, Hagley, Worcestershire, DY9 0PT
last updated October 2014