More information about TeeCards

Dos and Don'ts

Do take a FREE online demo - 08458 38 22 38 - we can show you in real-time how to configure the T-Card board to get the most benefit for your business. Don't try to go it on your own, if you have got this far you must have a requirement; a few minutes spent in an online demo will be invaluable. After an online demo even experienced users say they discovered useful functionality they were unaware of.
Do Remember: KISS - Keep it Simple - its a simple but very effective tool, that's why so many people buy it! Don't come to TeeCards with any preconceived ideas, unlike a physical T-Card board its a flexible tool and can be used in a number of different ways.
Do some preliminary work on how you intend to use TeeCards, number of panels, number of slots, what's to be shown on a
T-Card, both open and closed.
Don't think you have to be constrained by your existing system, it may prove advantageous to rethink your processes, we are not prescriptive in its use.
Do read the tips that are sent to you, and consult the Help. If you do decide to go it alone, don't ignore the Help and the first board.
Do create multiple boards, you probably came here with a single requirement but you can create as many T-Card boards as you like. Don't be put off, experiment, boards can easily be trashed.
Do ask for help if you need it; don't struggle. Don't expect a ready made system, this is a tool you make it your system by configuring the options and settings
Do store the data in a shared central area where it is accessible by others, regularly backed up and can easily be restored. Don't forget to backup your data, its yours if you lose it we know nothing about it.
Do use colour effectively, it can carry a meaning. Don't forget the power of colour, its what makes the product so easy to understand, and is an easy way of differentiating boards.
Do provide feedback, its what makes the product better. Don't forget we are here to help call us for assistance.