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This information is provided in greater detail and depth in the Help which accompanies TeeCards, and in the User Guides on the downloads page.

Move a T-Card Position the mouse pointer over the TeeCard in the panel and depress the RIGHT button of the mouse, an icon appears which can be changed from the Settings drop down menu, keep the button depressed and move the T-Card to where you want the T-Card to be. Release the button.
If you want to move a T-Card to a panel which is not visible, the T-Card can be dragged in a couple of movements alternatively open the T-Card, select the panel where you want it to appear from the drop down list, save the T-Card, the T-Card moves to the selected panel.
From version 138 and 129 an open T-Card can be moved. When the T-Card is open Right Click the top of the T, a heading appears, left click and drag the heading and the T-Card will reposition
Move Multiple T-Cards This depends on what you are trying to do, panels can be inserted deleted and moved, Right click the panel heading. Cards can also be moved in Plus by using Ctrl and LEFT click to identify them then use RIGHT click to drag and drop them. This will work with Sticky but bear in mind you are moving them all to the same place.
Change the Colour of a T-Card To change the colour of a T-Card click any coloured part of the top of the T, we favour the position in the centre of the T where there are no labels, to the left of the Removed check box.
Replicate a T-Card Open a previously saved T-Card, on the Top of the T there are 4 buttons, the second one is replicate. cards can be replicated in different ways, one off, weekly, fortnightly, just week days etc.
Close a T-Card without creating it. On the top of the T are 4 buttons one looks like an X, this closes the T-Card without saving it. If you do save it accidentally then re use it, or check the removed check box the T-Card will no longer appear on the  the board.
Complete On the Top of the T is a check box entitled Complete, this can mean whatever you want it to mean e.g Ready to Invoice. When this box is checked the T-Card adopts the Completed T-Card Colour defined in the Colours tab, via Settings----Project Settings.
Uncheck my complete button and save to see the True Colour.
Remove a T-Card from the board Check the removed check box, the T-Card is not deleted it just does not appear on the board. It can be unchecked so that it will appear again. Use Search - the Binoculars to find the T-Card, open from the search panel and uncheck.
Fast Card Find By using Fast Card Find you can choose anyone of the fields on the T-Card and search the criteria in that field. The last T-Card created containing that criteria will be created using Fast Card Create. The detail appears in the Fast Card Create drop down. The combinations of the contents of the field are built up over time.
Change the Display Field on the T-Card Open Settings --- Project Settings ---- First Tab select from the drop down the fields that you want to appear on every T-Card. As from TeeCards V129 you can display up to 5 lines on a closed T-Card. This affects T-Card height and so may restrict the number of cards available on the board.
Change the Names of the labels for each T-Card Open Settings ----Project Settings -----Alias Tab, check the box next to the field that you want to change, enter a valid label name less than 10 characters.
Create a Drop Down on the T Card fields Open Settings----Project Settings-----Alias Tab, check the second box next to the field you want to create a drop down on. The contents of the drop down depend on the previous entries entered into this field. There is a way of locking these contents, please contact us if you want a static list.
Save the Project There is no need to save the Project as such, however if you want to save it AS something else for security reasons etc then use Save As from the menu, or the Save as icon.
Create a New Project Use New from the file menu or the Create icon, the New Project will be based upon the currently open project.
Change the Project Title Go into Project Settings, its the first entry on the Organisation tab.
Make T-Cards Stay where I put them This is called Sticky; Open Settings----Project Settings----Time Banding tab, check the Sticky Positioning box.
Make T-Cards Stack in the Panel If sticky is checked uncheck it, this can be found on the Project Settings ---- Timebanding+ tab. You can affect the order in which cards appear see the Sort Order tab, choose the fields to determine the order in which cards occupy the slots.
Combo Board You can have a combination of Stacked and Sticky Panels in Plus. To do this make the board sticky. Then Double click the panel heading and check Stack this Panel. This technique is used a lot when Ignore Panels are employed. Ignore Panels carry the data continuously so are good for labels or jobs awaiting allocation etc.
Use Time to determine where T-Cards appear Over a twenty four hour period you can make cards appear at specific positions according to time within the panel. You can set the time interval to be what your choice 15 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins 2 hours its your choice. You can also indicate that more than one job can be done within that time period. Open Settings-----Time banding tab, check the time banding box, enter the start time, end time, interval and the slot spacing i.e. the number of jobs that can appear within an interval. For time banding to work you must also use date in the selection see the Sort Order tab.
Block out time If you are using time you can choose to block out all slots occupied by the T-Card. Go to Settings and choose Block Time.
Print a T Card To print just one T Card the open one, open the T Card, click on the print icon on the Top of the T. To print many T Cards use the Reports - T Cards for the day. You can also print the T-Card either in notepad form useful for SMS messages, attachments etc. The print facility also allows output to html and txt format.
Print the Board This routine takes a snapshot of the visible screen and does not print the complete board if it is wider than the visible screen. On the Menu bar there is a print icon, this prints the visible screen. Tip to save on ink, before doing this change the background colour of the board to white, print and then change back. The print option now gives the option to save as a bmp file, then you can annotate edit etc.
Whereabouts In Plus depending on your settings you can get on to the reverse of the card to see what we refer to as Whereabouts, this is done by a Right Click of the Check or what we call the tick
If you do not see Whereabouts then exit the card go into Settings --- Project Settings and go to the Extras tab and 'uncheck' use Estimates. Movement is always being recorded irrespective of whether it is being shown on the back of the card.
Whereabouts can be printed, if you double click the grid on the back of the card you will get a print
Create a Weekly\Month\Yearly Board By manipulating TeeCards you can create a board that shows a week to view.
e.g to create a week view for a transportation board.
Set yourself up a board with 8 panels and the number of slots equal to the number of drivers.
Title the fist panel drivers, Next 7 Monday thru Sunday, you can create more than  8 panels if you like.
Ensure that you are using date in the view, Setting ---- Project Settings ---- Sort Order Check Use date tab, You should also check use Sticky on the Timebanding + tab.
say OK
Go to the Settings menu ---- Period View ----- Week View Notice the board now shows a week number.
Go to the Settings menu, choose Deduce Date.
Go to the Settings menu Choose Ignore Panel 1
No you have a board that has a week to view at anyone time.
Use the date picker to select a date note the week number changes
You can also use the + and - either side of the date picker to move forward and back a week.
You need to replicate your drivers to appear every week.
Create a T-Card with a drivers name  and save
Open the T-Card click replicate, replicate every week for 10 weeks 52 weeks your choice (No need V138 and V129 on)
So I am a customer can you help me out on October the 10th, go  to the date picker select October the 10th from the calendar, are there vacancies yes click the slot against the driver. Complete the T-Card. Entered for the wrong day?, drag the T-Card to the correct panel representing the day the date changes on the T-Card. Drag the T-Card between drivers and panels it sticks next to the driver the date changes according to the panel you drop it in.
The same applies for a Month view, except create a board with 32 panels as some months have 31 days, and number them Driver then 1 thru 31
Don't select Week View select Month view - note the title now says September
So now you can see 4 weeks to view
In this instance replicate the driver every month for 12(?) months
Create a 52 week Year Planner With TeeCards V131 you can create a year planner, this allows for 53 weeks plus a labels column. If panel labels are left blank then the panel label shows the start date of the week. Start date can either be Monday (normal), Sunday or Saturday (e.g. Tour Operators). This does not apply in Lite.
Use Remind Me To use Remind me you must be using Date in your selection (See the sort tab in Project Settings) and you must have refresh switched on. The reminder is dependent upon the refresh interval.
Find and Replace On some occasions you may want to change details on many cards. To do this use menu Edit ----Find and Replace. So you e.g. could change "board" to "project". To do this select the field you want to change, enter the word or phrase you want to replace, supply the word or phrase to replace it with. Quotes are not required, you can use wildcards this is a % symbol. This should only be done by competent users and I would advise saving the project first.
Share Information TeeCards really comes into its own in a Network situation, that way everyone on the Network can see the board, no more getting up and leaving the office no more lost cards etc. To take advantage of this you must be on a Network and the project (i.e the data) should be saved in an area to which all interested parties have access.
The application MUST be installed on EACH PC.
Note in some instances TeeCards can suffer from anti virus software.
If in doubt contact your network administrator.
Transfer between boards Cards can be transferred between boards, they are not shared, a new instance of the T-Card is created on the destination board. Clearly more than one board must be in existence for this to work. Use Edit Transfer to do this. From 138 and 129 you can now transfer to a specific panel, this helps maintain the boards. From 141 and 132 you can transfer individual cards. This can be done by right click on the Replicate button. Alternatively if you know the unique reference you can use it in the Edit Transfer method, One Card.
Attachments Attachments as such are not provided, however all of the labels launch the contents of the field next to them, provided they can be found and understood. We expect the full path but details can be stored in a table thus bypassing long/full file names. Please ask for details.
If Tee12 is labelled as PostCode or ZipCode it will try and launch Google Maps
Search or Find a T-Card To find a T-Card use the binoculars icon. enter a word or phrase you expect on the T-Card e.g. board. In this example check the search all cards radio button.
If your know the unique ID of the T-Card you can search for it by using #123 where 123 is the number you are looking for. V137 and V128 onwards.
When the results are returned you can click the grid to open that T-Card.
V128 Plus now gets Filter which means only cards that satisfy certain criteria are displayed, the T-Card itself is used as a template to assist in this.
Cut and Paste You can Copy Cut and Paste by use of the right hand button when text is selected on a T-Card.
Right click the area, choose Select All, Right Click again
Increase/Decrease the number of panels To increase/decrease the number of panels from the menu use Settings----Project Settings the first tab allows you to set the number of panels. This depends on your panel width selection.
From 138 and 129 you can now right click the panel heading and Insert Delete and Move Panels.
This is a dangerous operation, make sure you have a copy AND make sure no one else is using. Then Right Click the panel label
Increase/Decrease the number of slots To increase/decrease the number of slots, from the menu use Settings----Project Settings the first tab allows you to set the number of slots.
Ignore a T-Card used as a label in counts From V129 if you enter 'Dummy' in Tee20 then the T-Card is not included in counts. This does not apply in Lite.
Which databases are used TeeCards currently offers 3 choices Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Azure (Cloud based)
Choice of database will probably depend on your existing facilities.
Can I import/export data Yes, this is a fairly easy exercise but will depend on your expertise.
Remote working TeeCards will work with Citrix, Terminal Services, LogMeIn and a variety of other products. It is not a web based system. However if you use the SQL Cloud database you could work anywhere in the world but still need our software.
Change the colour of the panel label This can be done by Ctrl and Right Click
Highlight a field With Plus you can highlight a field, this may be to draw attention to it or signify status etc. Use Ctrl and Right click of the label next to the field or if its Memo the field itself
Date Stamp You can date stamp the Memo field by double clicking it, the date and user are appended at the start.
Always launch a specific board Normally TeeCards will try and open the board you last had open. You can amend the desktop shortcut to circumvent this.. Right click the desktop shortcut and amend the target to read something like this, don't amend the first part it's the / and afterwards that are important. There is a space between exe" and the delimiter /
"C:\Program Files\TeeCards\TeeCardsPlus.exe" /Z:\TeeCardsdata\Mydatabase.mdb
Bypass sign on/Logon As from versions 1.4.4b Plus and 1.5.4c Std (Sept 2014) you can autopopulate the Logon and password. This gets typed into the desktop shortcut and can either accompany launching a specific board or not. (see above) These are examples. /Z:\TeeCardsdata\Mydatabase.mdb*stever&123456
or /*stever&123456
Correct a Calendar date TeeCards has the ability to act like a calendar. If the panel label is empty then it will populate with the current date when it is in certain period views .e.g week, month, scrolling. If the same date is being displayed Left click the panel label, the heading should be selected, press the Space bar once, then click OK. Move forward or back through the date and it should be correct.
Lock a user into a panel/specific cards Users can be locked into anything, including a specific panel. This is called Preselect, please contact us for details.
Restrict a User's abilities This is done by the superuser, please ask for details.
Windows Versions TeeCards will work with Windows versions from Win 98 through to Windows 10. It can also be used on a Windows Server BUT I always advise testing before purchase. It will not run on Apple unless you use Boot mode or emulation software.
If there is a question you think should be here then please ask us
Last updated October 18th 2016