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News from the past '12 months'

There is no question that times are tough and this is reflected in the number of enquiries and sales, but what is most encouraging is that existing users are coming back for more licenses and considering more robust and sophisticated options.
What is a surprise is that given the versatility of the product and the very reasonable cost of ownership (typically 28p per person per day) is that in a time when efficiency savings are paramount that more companies are not exploring this option.
The Alameda County Sherriff's Office utilise for Urban Shield 2012 alongside NIMS SEMS and NRF
United Nations go for use in Haiti
Swissport go for better handling at LGW
Rutland Cycling are pedalling hard and decide to use TeeCards in three more branches, providing excellent real time visibility which in turn is giving better customer service
Spira Projects providers of quality and bespoke retail joinery dovetail with TeeCards
Hydraulic Power Services press forward with TeeCards
Victrex Polymers turn to TeeCards for planned maintenance of critical plant and machinery
Danfoss pump out SQL version to France and Chine
Tods Aerospace lift off with TeeCards. Proves so useful that they come back for more licenses
The Scottish NHS opt for TeeCards for project management control
Hawco move into the cloud to give better intra site and off site visibility move into the Cloud
Balfour Beatty Casting cast their eyes on TeeCards to help the casting process
ISAS, having previously used  TeeCards elsewhere the opt to use it again in their new venture.
Project Kahn have designs on TeeCards
Running Imp award themselves TeeCards Plus
Rutland Water Cycling freewheeling with TeeCards
PDQ print decide on TeeCards Plus
CoffeTech decide Plus is just their 'cup of tea'
lLeyden Transmissions get into gear with TeeCards plus
Hunter Marine - sure TeeCards will help with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico
Micro-Coax in the USA get the picture with SQL
DOF Subsea Norway choose TeeCards for document control, as do Mastermyne.
John Wylie Builders use TeeCards as the foundation for there planning
Pickfords International make all the right moves and go for SQL Plus version
Tameside Insulations go green and abandon the paper based version
Easycare go for TeeCards Plus to plan patient visits
Oman Air get excited about the visual possibilities of Plus as a fault rectification system.
Permali opt for Plus.
Cardiff Glass can 'clearly' see the advantages.
Express Coatings metal finishers go for Plus.
Scandiflex UK print specialists go for Plus
Truly 'World Wide Visibility' with TeeCards thanks to Microsoft's introduction of the SQL Cloud database... more info
Peak NDT not phased by TeeCards Plus and decide its the version for them
The Global Draw purchase Plus.
Frenni Transport revisit TeeCards and purchase, since purchasing they are extremely impressed and the guys have become accustomed to using it in no time at all. They are now considering more licenses.
The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) take the SQL version of TeeCards to assist in the control of outbreak of animal diseases
CALFIRE take TeeCards to help coordinate in the control of forest wildfires etc
LA Fire use TeeCards on the LA marathon and its planned to be used on another major event involving POTUS
Public Sewer Services are flushed about Plus
Tecan go for Plus
WM of Illinois purchase Plus
NewPerspective get things into perspective and purchase Plus
John Morrison BMW Ireland Service with a Smile using TeeCards Plus.
QED Design plump for Plus.
Hawker Beechcraft get permission to take off with TeeCards Plus.
Pictures introduced onto cards in order to manage incident boards, e.g. serious crime.
Flashing cards requested and introduced
Inoplas Technology go for Plus
The Royal Devon and Exeter (RD&E) Hospital purchase the SQL version of TeeCards to help with planning.
Gustav, Hanna, Ike and Jill? Jill Harris in the USA gets a call from the Department of Homeland Security, can TeeCards help manage the situation after the hurricanes?
Toyota World use their IQ and decide on TeeCards Plus.
Harwood Hutton opt for TeeCards Plus to help manage their workload.
J Campbell Honda find accord with TeeCards
Fleetwood Packaging wrap up ProductiviTee
Eco Pumps submerge themselves into the depths of TeeCards
Yale Forklift pick up ProductiviTee
Turriff build on the success of ProductiviTee
Hawco VW and Audi of Inverness drive away with ProductiviTee with multiple uses planned
Our first emergency services sale in the UK, West Sussex Fire Brigade purchase for the United Kingdom Fire Service Search and Rescue Team (UKFSSART)
A sign of the times, Sign Art in Torquay decide TeeCards is the best option for them
GE Sensing Sense a good product when they see one.
Cenpart manufacturers of Armco barriers buy TeeCards on recommendation.
Gems Survey 'assess' the benefits and purchase Plus
Virtual reality, Virtual College see the benefits of the Plus system.
It's a 'Steel'
SSAB Dobel Go for a 20 user system with simple integration to their existing order system providing much more visibility and attaining significant cost savings.
Porsche specialist PARR (Paul Robe Racing) come home first with TeeCards software
Seetru Valves 'gauge' TeeCards ProductiviTee as being right for them.
Town Centre Citroen 'very impressed' take 10 user TeeCards Plus. So pleased go to 20 in June.
Groot Waste Management 'collect' 10 user  TeeCards SQL version for operations.
London West Citroen 'skate away' with TeeCards Plus
From Jill Harris at Better Way (20th March 2007)
LA Fire called again today...
They used TeeCards yesterday when the new jumbo jet A380 arrived at LAX. It was used to coordinate fire, police, airport security and the FBI. Everyone was impressed.

(LA fire previously 'tested' TeeCards Plus for the 2007 LA marathon)
Collaboration between m-power solutions and TeeCards to provide the best of both worlds for Technotrans
Greens Land Rover delighted with TeeCards Plus 110%
Morgan Design Specialist Carpenters 'chip' in for TeeCards
EZ Touch suppliers of touch screen tills opt for TeeCards Plus
Litstructures use TeeCards to coordinate production here and in Romania.
Lloyd Dowson Financial upgrade having proven TeeCards worth over the past 6 months.
Everest Conservatories take TeeCards Plus for installation planning.
Mitsubishi Pencil Co (uni-ball) are added to the list of TeeCards Plus users
Pivotal Sales - Garden and Summer Houses plump for TeeCards Plus
Alameda County Regional Emergency Communications part of  the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), purchase a 15 user system of TeeCards
LA Fire, Supply and Maintenance take ActiviTee, the incident control version of TeeCards.
Ecolab the world leader in premium commercial cleaning and sanitizing purchase TeeCards Plus
A clear choice - The Heritage Window Company test and decide TeeCards Plus is going to give them exactly what the MD is looking for.
After an online demonstration Saints Transport take TeeCards for managing servicing and inspections.
Having considered a number of more very expensive options and witnessed the simplicity of the product via an online GoToMeeting demonstration,  the Port of London Authority select TeeCards for controlling Pilots.
Westland extend their use of TeeCards
Allams Servicing choose ProductiviTee for deployment in Servicing and Used Car Sales.
NSW Ambulance Service choose TeeCards for Counter Disaster Preparedness
Hat Trick - West Jordan (USA) Police choose TeeCards, joining both the Fire and Public Works dept.
Lex Transfleet (VT airside) choose TeeCards for maintenance of MOD white fleet.
McLaren Racing choose TeeCards Plus
Westland Helicopters choose TeeCards
The NYCG (Coast Guard) affirms funding for ActiviTee
Taylor Lane (timber frame buildings) choose TeeCards for production scheduling and deliveries.
John Roberts Printing Company choose TeeCards Software - One of the largest print companies in the US has chosen TeeCards software for use in production control.
Pastorfrigor UK choose TeeCards software for stock availability and sales. Pastorfrigor primarily an Italian company but with manufacturing plants in Czechoslovakia and the UK have opted for TeeCards software.
US Department of Land Management Choose TeeCards Software.
Airbus the multi billion conglomerate renew their TeeCards license as it has proved invaluable during wing testing over the past year.
Fire & Emergency Medical Services Washington opt for 10 User TeeCards Plus software. They join a number of Fire and Emergency Departments that are using TeeCards.
SpadeOak Construction marry TeeCards on 2 42" display screens and begin using TeeCards with Terminal Services.
San Ramon Fire Dept, approve the purchase of TeeCards software.
Talks start in earnest with the NY Coast Guard regarding ActiviTee, an event driven version of TeeCards.
St Josephs Hospital Seattle start using the PrioriTee version of TeeCards.

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