Now TeeCards Lite for Just 95
There is no question that TeeCards can provide benefit to any business.
Since its inception we have had a lot of interest in TeeCards from companies of varying sizes and with differing complexity of needs.
To satisfy demand from smaller companies we have introduced TeeCards Lite, it's no frills a lot of the functionality requested in the past year has been removed, but it will still do the job.
Plus if you decide that Lite just is not quite coping with your needs then you can upgrade to Standard for the difference in price.
TeeCards Lite features:
Designed for Stand Alone Use and with no annual license fee to pay. Teecards Lite yours for just 95
Cards can only be displayed in Sticky Mode.
There is no Fast Card Create
A maximum of 2 Combo boxes are allowed.
Only 1 field can be displayed on the closed card.
There is no deduce date.
There is no ignore panel one
Reports can not be produced in CSV format.
see the downloads page to get Lite. TeeCards Lite is only available from the internet, if necessary please request a CD.

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