T-Card Simplicity with PC Technology
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Examples US Customers can contact Jill Harris at Better Way inc on 800.445.7365
Specialist Variants We are occasionally asked to bespoke TeeCards, in some cases the changes are considered to be commercially viable, if this is the case a specialist variant is made available. These generally carry a 50% premium over the Standard product price.
ActiviTee A modified version of Plus that is event or incident driven. Modified at the request of the US Coast Guard.
ClariTee A modified version which acts as a prompt, a window appearing on a second screen.
PrioriTee A modified version as requested by a US hospital for MCI patient tracking
SolvanT A version for the Automotive Aftermarket producing a job sheet.
SporTee A version for sports, sporting or timed  events where start and end times are recorded, the board is then sorted by time, fastest at the top
We also have a specialist division SysBright.com
International callers can call +44(0)1562 884297